Tasmania Booklist


  • Hughes, Robert – The Fatal Shore
  • Rae-Ellis, Vivienne –  Trucanini: Queen or Traitor
  • Rees, Sian – The ship thieves
  • Reynolds, Henry – A history of Tasmania
  • Shakespeare, Nicholas – In Tasmania
  • Thornley, William – Adventures of an emigrant in van Diemen’s Land


Travel guides

  • Atkinson, Lee – Frommer’s Tasmania Day by Day
  • Insight Guide: Tasmania
  • Tasmania Road trips, Lonely Planet
  • Van Driesum, Rob – Tasmania Atlas and guide



  • Campbell, Iain – Wildlife of Australia
  • Watts, Dave – Tasmanian Birds
  • Watts, Dave – Tasmanian Wildlife
  • Watts, Dave – Where to see wildlife in Tasmania



  • Black, Tony – The last tiger
  • Clarke, Lucy – A Single Breath
  • Courtenay, Bruce – The Potato Factory
  • Flanagan, Richard – Death of a river guide
  • Flanagan, Richard – Gould’s book of fish
  • Flanagan, Richard – The sound of one hand clapping
  • Gee, Poppy – Bay of Fires*
  • Kneale, Matthew – English Passengers
  • Nowra, Louis – Into that forest
  • Parrett, Favel – When the night comes
  • Parrett, Favel  – Past the Shallows**
  • Shaw, Patricia – Storm Bay
  • Stovell, Sarah – Night Flower

*Here’s Julie’s review  of Bay of Fires by Poppy Gee

We took this to Tasmania and it came back only partially read. However
reading on return meant we could visualise some of the locations
mentioned, as it’s loosely set around St Helens in the North East.
Although two murders take place, this is more of a mystery than a
murder, and is really about relationship breakdown in small town
Tasmania, when suspicions are raised.
Ironically it’s written by someone who teaches creative writing, and yet to my mind is not that well written. It’s laboured and long winded and the relationships get in the way of a story. Not sure all the plot lines hang together at times. Not an author I’ll rush back to.
** And here’s her review of Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett
First novel of a very promising writer. From the start this draws you in, as
you piece together the relationships between the different characters.
What did happen in the fateful accident that killed Harry’s mum; and why
does his dad dislike him so much?
Loosely set around the Bruny area. The Sunday Times strapline on the
front says “If you only read one book this year, make sure it’s this one” –
and I agree.


  • Tasmania’s Wild West
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