In November and early December 2016 we took a six weeks’ trip from the UK to Australia, including nearly five weeks in Tasmania.  The aim was to enjoy Tassie’s fabulous bird and animal life, but we also left ourselves plenty of time to explore the island’s fascinating past and gaze in awe at the spectacular landscapes and some bloody enormous trees.  My other aim was to try my hand at blogging for the first time.

Platypus Pandemonium tells the story of our trip in photos (Julie’s) and words (mine). Between us I think we’ve done a passable job in recording for posterity the high-points of what turned out to be one of the best journeys we’ve ever taken, jam-packed with wonderful wildlife, poignant history and scenery to die for.  But life’s too crazy to take seriously, so if you read some of my posts I hope you’ll enjoy a few laughs too.

Tasmania is a wonderful destination and I can’t recommend it too highly.  Especially the platypus!

And by the way, the wombat (aka the King of Cubes) is the cutest critter on god’s green Earth.  So now you know.

28 January 2017



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