Bird of the week

Our first Bird of the Week is the Superb Fairy Wren.  What a bird, with its striking blue plumage and jaunty tail.


Andrew from Inala thought it hilarious that we would photograph and film this bird at every opportunity.  They are, it seems, as common as muck around these parts, barely worth a second glance.

However we’re not from around here and to our way of thinking this is a champion bird.  Superb!

Author: Platypus Man

"Platypus" is a red herring: I'm English, although my blogging career began in my record of a 2016 road trip to Tasmania. Other blogs followed covering road trips in Newfoundland (2017), the Yellowstone area of the USA (2018) and New Zealand (2019). My current project is "Now I'm 64" , a weekly blog covering UK travel and wildlife, along with bits of history, social commentary and moans about the injustice of aging. I can guarantee a few laughs, and also the occasional rant. Some of it's even quite well written!

3 thoughts on “Bird of the week”

  1. Coincidence or what. The superb fairy wren was featured on the first of the new QI series that I watched last night. Apparently each nest family has it’s own unique song sung to the chicks when they are still in their eggs.


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